Adding more skimming later

by Rod

My first skimming project is on plasterboard in window reveals. I have beads on the corner but no guides on the frame. The multi finish is wavy not straight on the frame, and it has hollows where I have trowellled from the frame out across the reveal. I realise I should have sorted out these defects whilst doing the plastering, but what can I do now ? Can I fill these hollows and straighten the edge by the frame with a bit more skim a day after the job was done ? Thanks


Yes you can sort these out no problem - just prepare by first applying a coat of diluted PVA to the surface. Then you will be able to re-plaster. This also works for any surface - the only difference is the amount of PVA to apply. 1 coat of PVA will be sufficient for adhesion but a 2nd coat may be needed to control the suction - to prevent it drying too quickly. However on a small are such as your reveals - it may be helpful if it dries quickly otherwise you'll be standing around for half an hour waiting for it to firm up.

Some notes that may help with the re-plastering:

When plastering reveals and smaller areas it is good to trowel in both directions - if you have applied plaster by working up & down then flatten it immediately after in a sideways direction working out from the frame - or vice-versa.
When you flatten ensure your trowel is at the correct angle (the leading edge will be 10-15mm away from the wall).

Then it is crucial to let the plaster firm up enough so that you can gradually improve upon this flatness. It probably wants to be a putty like consistency so that you do not lose the flatness you have. But at this stage just concentrate solely upon the flatness, not the finish.

Then when this has firmed up a bit more (so that you do not push it out of shape) you can then ensure all hollows are filled either by pushing plaster from the highs to the lows or by applying a little more plaster directly to any holes.

Then when it has firmed up a little more a nice finish can be obtained.


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