Learn how to plaster - with a plasterer.

I'm a plasterer that shows others how to do it!

I love plastering and if I can help other people discover how rewarding and enjoyable plastering can be then that will be good.

There is a lot of free material at this site that can help you learn how to plaster but if you're really keen to learn - joining the new Online Plastering School will avoid any need to struggle and a rewarding skill can be gained.

30 Years of Plastering Experience

If you are really interested in completing as much of a project as you can - rather than have to get someone in, or just want to have a go at plastering then a bit of help can make a lot of difference.

Some plastering situations require a need to adapt certain techniques and procedures to ensure a successful outcome. The tips and know-how that I have accumulated from working as a plasterer for 30 years is available to you in the Online Plastering School

The Online Plastering School not only shows how to plaster but takes things one step further - to enhance skills and learn how to apply them to a particular project.

On-site training led to On-line Training

I started working as plasterer in the 1980's  and a number of years later I was approached by a building company regarding providing on site training for their employees. I found it to be very rewarding and so in 2003 extended the service to home-owners.

As it is now possible for people like me to build their own website - providing the service online seemed to be the next step.

Maybe the next step could be tuition through Google Glass - who knows.

If you have any questions then please contact me

Plastering as Hobby

Some great people have hobbies you would not expect. Winston Churchill liked to lay bricks.


This is what I was looking for!! Browsing the internet for information on plastering I ran into this tutorial. Very very   Read More

Still a Plasterer

Re-skimming an old victorian house. 2015
Plastering ceilingTroweling a ceiling on a building site in 2014.
Re-skimming an old victorian house in 2015