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Plastering Made Seriously Simple


Learn how to plaster in you own home - with the use of videos, information pages and support from an instructor, experienced in teaching people from all walks of life to plaster.

Online Plastering School - for walls to be proud of!

The Online Plastering School provides instruction to learn the techniques and knowledge needed to successfully (and as easily as possible) learn how to plaster walls you can be proud of.

Home Learning

Learn at your own pace - in a way that fits in with your lifestyle with a combination of:

  • Information Pages
  • Videos
  • Practice
  • Support from a Plasterer when you need it.

A Plastering Course whenever you want it

I show you - how you can practice the techniques demonstrated in the Step by Step Guides, in your home, garage or garden shed.


The tips and know-how that I have accumulated from working as a plasterer for 30 years is available to you in the Online Plastering School

The Online Plastering School not only shows how to plaster but takes things one step further - to enhance skills and learn how to apply them to a particular project - to ensure you have walls that you will be proud of.

Real Life Plastering

Real life Plastering Situations are all different to classroom situations. At the Online Plastering School I'll be adding video and accounts of various jobs that I do, and talk about the different options regarding all aspects from materials to procedure.

The Online Plastering School provides information and discusses how various plastering jobs can be carried out.

Providing On-going help

It is one thing to learn the basic techniques - but knowing the best way to apply them to ensure success with a particular project can take a long time to learn. The Online Plastering School can provide you with the information you need before you start a particular project.

Plastering made seriously simple

If there is any aspect of plastering that does not make sense or you're struggling with a particular technique - or you simply don't know what is wrong, then help is at hand.

Teaching plastering courses for more than 10 years, and providing on-going support, means that I have encountered many of the problems or misunderstandings that can exist - and the good news is that generally they're relatively easy to solve.

There can be a tendency to look too deep into things - invariably the answer is a simple one!

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Membership is suitable for total beginners, those who want to improve their technique or for anyone wanting to gain an insight into the art of plastering.

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  • Step by Step Video Guide
  • Step by Step Information Pages
  • Regular articles about plastering
  • Access to additional Plastering Video
  • Comprehensive Plastering Support via email, web or text whenever you need it.

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