Teach Yourself Plastering

These videos show a few basic techniques, which with the help of the plastering guide may be all you need to get going. However if you want to teach yourself plastering just from a video then there is the online video viewing and DVD which go through all aspects of general plastering.

Mixing Finish Plaster

Mixing plaster to the correct consistency is crucial in obtaining good results. Some beginners have a tendency to mix the plaster up too thick which can make it harder to keep the plaster flat and to the correct thickness.

Using the Hawk & Trowel

The essential, but basic skill for successful plastering. How to load your trowel with the correct amount of plaster without dropping it on the floor.

The Application Method

A short video showing how to apply plaster to a wall. This application provides a methodical way of moving across the wall swiftly and cleanly removing heavy trowel marks by pushing them across the wall.

Skimming Technique 1

A quick demonstration showing how firm pressure can help. Don't worry about trowel marks or the finish - just concentrate on obtaining a flat even coat. The rest will become possible as the plaster firms up.

Skimming Technique 2

Tips on how to apply a skim coat of plaster.

Overview of Skimming 

Learn how to skim - the basic diy skills needed for skimming a wall. 2 coats of finish plaster are applied and 'trowelled' to give a flat, smooth finish. This finish coat is just one aspect of plastering - if the plaster backing coat is flat, the finish coat of skim is fairly straightforward. This video is a very quick guide to the art of plastering.

Overview of Skimming

How to skim. Some DIY skills can be learnt from reading a book - plastering is probably not one of them You need someone to show you the basics, then much practice is needed. But it is possible to achieve successful plastering whilst practising -- just have a go at the small areas first. This clip is a very quick brief guide to the art of plastering

Teach Yourself Plastering - Ceilings

Learn how to skim a ceiling - the basic diy skills needed for skimming a ceiling. Plastering a ceiling is possible for a beginner - but it is important to have an understanding of the stages of skimming and how the trowel can work for you. Probably the best tip: is to not stand directly under your trowel, to avoid getting any plaster in your eye. Skimming over artex ceilings is possible - if not a bit harder due to the thickness that needs to be applied

How to Plaster a Ceiling

how to plaster a ceiling

The method and process for Skimming over an old artex ceiling  (with speeded up clips to save you getting bored!).   A coat of PVA was applied to ensure the plaster adheres. This video shows the method of applying the finish coat to a ceiling - the plastering technique is the same as for a wall. Spending time to set up a platform for easy reach, or practice with stilits, will help ensure you stand every chance to gaining a nice flat finish. Be prepared for your arm to ache but it will get easier!

Teach Yourself plastering with Step by Step Guide