by Darren Roberts
(East Yorkshire)

Hi Paul,
Have you any tips for adding beading to a corner, when you only want to plaster one wall ?

I am changing the door way at the top of the stairs to be a walkthrough - ie taking off the door frame and replacing for plasterboard and skimming.

The issue is that the other wall is the Hall, Stairs and Landing - which I really don't want to plaster.

Would you chip out and try to line up beading with existing plaster and then patch up or would you recommend plastering both walls ?



Hi Darren

The best way I have found to get round this problem is to not use any beading at all. This sounds odd but it really does enable you to plaster just one face.

The way it works is by keeping one end of your trowel tight onto the existing corner whilst the other is about 1 mm away so that 1 mm thickness of plaster is applied. This 1mm difference in thickness will never be noticed.

Hopefully the diagram explains all.


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