Becoming a Plasterer

by Mark

Hi Paul. I found your dvd very useful and have had good success. I'm thinking of taking it up professionally and wondered how likely I am to get enough from your 2 day course to take plastering up?


Hi Mark,
The 2 day course is a great starting point and gives you all the essential techniques to start plastering. However this is only probably 30% of the story - the rest is practice.

All the methods I teach are fairly fool-proof meaning you can achieve a good professional standard whilst practising.

Initially you will be slow and not making lots of money - but your speed will very quickly increase.
That is not to say that you'll be a fully proficient plasterer, able to tackle any job - but you will be able to carry out all the small jobs - the ones that plasterer's often cannot be bothered with, but provide a good entry level into the trade.

An example is patching and repairing old damaged plaster or small walls and ceilings. They can be tricky but serve to refine your skills whilst providing a service and making some money.

So yes if it is something you really want to do then it is possible and I'll help you all I can.


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