Can skim be affected by water that is too cold?

by John Smith

Skimming yesterday in very cold temperatures the skim was going 'furry', not behaving in the normal manner. Impossible to get a perfect finish. Going setting in places yet soft in others . The area was only about 6 square metres. The actual dwelling was well insulated and normal room temp.the multi finish was in date so rule that out .never had this before . Drove me mad. Any suggestions. I've done miles and miles of plastering so it's got nothing to do with ability . Please any suggestions.


Hi John
Cold water not normally a problem - only if it freezes when applied in a cold room, which was not the case here.

A few questions:

What was the surface you were applying the finish too?

Was the "furriness" similar to hygroscopic salts that can appear on damp walls or was it actually the plaster lifting?

Was it the 2nd coat?

Was it definitely setting and not firming up due to high suction?

After what time did the plaster start to set?


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Jan 20, 2023
by: Anonymous

Some times it’s the pva .if you have the pva put on and its the same day and still hanging wet it can sometimes lift the paint off the backing wall and it will not go off.leaving you with a unsecured areas here and there .in some cases you can trowel it out and some cases your trowel will scrape it off

Dec 16, 2014
Dodgy batch
by: John Smith


Thanks so much for the reply.

After some investigating I think the problem was a dodgy bag of multi finish from Travis Perkins (not my usual supplier, but we were running low and they were the closest option).

I haven't had any problems since and skimmed in much colder weather.
Cheers John

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