Crazing in skim

by Lukasz Suleja


I've skimmed a small plasterboard wall (1 x 2.2 m) and the plaster has crazed in places as it has dried. Small

The pasteboard has been up for months. The multi-finish wasn't a new bag but had been kept in a sealed bin liner and was within the expiry date. I did not do a suction test as I was under the impression this was not required on plasterboard. The plaster went on fine and two coats were applied as per the tutorial. There was no heating on in the room.

Should I be worried about the crazing?
Is the plaster sound, or is it likely to fall off in time?
What is the likely cause?
How can I avoid the issue in the future?




Hi Lucas, this crazing should cause no problems. It can happen due to one or a combination of the following:
high suction
thin coats
high temperatures
insufficient pressure on trowel in later stages.

If the plaster is tending to dry quickly for whatever reason then it is really important to 'push' the plaster in really firmly as it loses moisture and volume. If it is not consolidated and compressed it shrinks very slightly.

It should still adhere and paint will normally fill in the very fine cracks.


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