damp issue's

by dan

Hi Paul, recently bought a property which has a lot of damp issues. Been told to use foil back plasterboard but not sure how to fix it? Am I aloud to screw into the wall or will it effect the treated wall. Its not rising damp btw?

Hi Dan, Before you think about covering the damp issues up it is always best to try and remedy them first. The problem with putting foil backed plasterboard on to a damp wall is that whilst it may stop damp coming through the plasterboard, it may force it somewhere else. This will also provide the perfect breeding ground for dry rot.
If the damp issues really cannot be solved then another option to consider is a breathable plaster.
When damp issues are covered up they have a nasty habit of coming back with a vengeance!
Do you have any idea what may be causing the damp?


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