Fire Place

by Anthony
(South London)

Hi Paul,

What would you recommend for plastering the inside faces of a fire place that will house a log burner? My plan was to use a sand/lime render for the added flexibility. It is also a house build with lime based brick bedding so I wonder if its best to do this?
I was going to then use sand and lime on the face of the chimney for say 150mm around the fire place opening. Then use Gypsum based plaster from the edge of the sand/lime and up to the corners of the chimney.

Does this make sense? What would your advice be?


Hi Anthony,

You're the star student! My advice would be exactly as you have stated! Just make sure you have a nice and strong sand/lime mix - at least 3:1.
When applying - push firmly, and also when floating and finishing. As the lime render firms up - keep firm pressure to ensure good consolidation and avoid shrinkage cracks.
Also - do know that this will take some time - so no rushing!


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