How to achieve a uniform finish

I regularly plaster but every time I see the plaster fries it dries out in different colours. How do you achieve a uniform colour and where am I going wrong?

If all looks okay when painted then I really wouldn't worry. However the difference in colour can be due to trowelling at different setting times. For example if you trowel and work one particular area a lot more when it is firming up, then a different colour can result. This tends to happen further on in the setting process - so the more the plaster is beginning to firm up and set the more it will change colour. There will therefore be less colour differences if the plaster is trowelled a bit earlier on if possible and in a methodical way - by trowelling each area to the same degree. Also if firm pressure is not applied - your trowel may not be in contact with all areas, and the colour and finish will be different in the areas where the trowel did not make full contact.
If the background varies or a thicker coat of plaster is applied in some areas - this can cause differnt shading.
So for a uniform colour - every aspect needs to be uniform.

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