Leaving exposed brick

by Martin

I am aiming to plaster an area of my Victorian fire place that I have just broke out. I would like to plaster the front facing part but leave the brick arch of the lintle exposed. Also I want to leave the inside of the fireplace exposed but plaster the front facing wall up to the right angle corner going into the fireplace. Could you give me some advice, I’m unsure how to achieve the corner and marry brick to plaster visually on the corner. Hope that makes sense!
Hi Martin,
A plaster stop bead will help you out on all the straight bits!
However the curve of your arch will need to be completed freehand - just take your time with it and know that the time you spend on getting that curve right will probably need to be twice the time it takes to plaster a whole wall!
But get it right and it can be a great effect.

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