Plastering with Lime - 2 Day Lime Course

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The 2 day Lime Course teaches the essential techniques for successful plastering with lime - one of the oldest building materials around. Gain an understanding of lime and the techniques that can be used to give a whole range of finishes, on a variety of applications. 

Who it's for

Anyone interested in using or understanding lime plaster.

The course is suitable for: both men & women, home owners, builders, beginners and improvers. No previous plastering experience is needed; being a personalised course means that we can start right at the beginning, or from a point that you want to improve your skills from. The techniques of plastering are taught and then practiced over the 2 days using lime.

Learn all about Lime Plastering:

1. A general overview of the plastering process.

All the basic techniques for general  plastering also apply to working with lime. These will be learnt at the same time as gaining experience of working with lime.

2. An understanding of lime.

Once you know the characteristics of lime and the factors that play a part in the whole process, using lime can become a satisfying process.

3. The techniques needed to achieve a flat backing coat and a smooth finish coat.

Whilst many of the techniques are similar to general plastering they are adapted and switched around to suit the nature of lime.

4. What to do when things go wrong. 

Whilst lime can present a whole range of problems - the good news is that compared to using modern gypsum plaster, lime can be easily recovered.

5. How to practice at home.

Lime can be easily used and practiced with in most environments.

6. How to apply what you've learnt to your own particular project.  

Discuss any forthcoming projects.

7. How to further enhance your walls. 

Lime plaster can be polished to a very smooth surface using a variety of trowels, a burnishing stone can also be used as the lime gains strength. These techniques along with the addition of pigments to the plaster can give a rich depth of colour leaving you with a wall too good to paint!

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All courses are 100% practical. Tuition is given through a series of demonstrations and then instruction whilst you are plastering a wall. You will be plastering yourself for the majority of the time so if your arm aches the use of tea & coffee breaks can be utilised!

1:1 Instruction / Tuition
The Lime Course is professional but informal and due to just being 1:1 means that it doesn't have to follow a set format, but one which will suit your objectives.

Backing Coat Application

  • Preparation of background
  • Application of lime mortar
  • Straightening lime mortar
  • Forming corners
  • Floating mortar ready to accept top finish coat.

Finish Coat Application

  • Mixing lime
  • Controlling the suction
  • Application techniques
  • Finishing techniques

Using Lime
Both hydraulic lime and non-hydraulic lime are used in different applications over the 2 days. 

lime course

Is plastering with lime more difficult?

Understanding lime is the key - once the process is understood, lime can prove to be a versatile material giving great results to everyone no matter what their level of experience.

DIY Plastering.

The 2 day course costs £550 
£100 deposit is payable now. The remaining balance of £450 is payable on the day of your course. Alternatively you can make payment in full. 


This course is currently unavailable

Apologies for the lack of availability, but due to the increased demand of on-site training this course is not currently available.


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