no. of coats and sand type

hello, i am about to render the inside of 2 sheds, I am wondering if i will be able to do it in one coat or will i have to do two coats, there will not be a finish coat plaster on top of this, it is just the sand cement render going on. how thick should i apply it?

is there a specific sand type i want to use also?

thanks very much


Plastering sand or a reasonably coarse soft sand should be used.

It can be applied as thin as the sand and wall will allow but would typically be about 10-12mm.

Two coats ensures the outline of the brick or blocks will not be seen when dry and also allows for a more even suction - the first coat provides a base for an even 2nd coat that will not dry differently due to either different thicknesses or if the wall is built out of different materials that can be dryer or more porous.

It does depend upon the quality of finish you require however if you do apply a 2nd coat make sure the first is scratched to allow a good key.

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