Obtuse angle

by Carl
(Midsomer Norton, Bath)

Hi Paul

As you may have guessed from the title, I need to skim either side of an obtuse angle, about 130 degrees. (This is around the recess of a roof velux where I splayed the recess). My local Wickes doesn't stock anything but 90 degree mini mesh or thin-coat. I haven't tried yet but I'm hoping to splay the mini mesh to meet the angle. Is there a better alternative, or will I be best of finding a bead stockist for a better angle?

Thanks again


Hi Carl

The mini mesh can be opened out, but it can distort the straightness. It is worth a try but bear in mind when you fix it, it may take a bit of care to ensure it provides a straight corner.

An alternative to this is to use 'skim stop beads' on each face and butt them up to meet each other.

Whichever method will work fine but a certain amount of fiddling around with them is inevitable.


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