Order of walls and ceiling

by Craig
(Burgess Hill)

Hi Paul,
I have three small walls and a small ceiling I'm going to plaster. Is there a recommended sequence? I was thinking ceiling then walls clockwise.

(Also I noticed the web link to 2nd stage video is the same as alternate video).


Hi Craig

Thanks, I'll check the link.

Order is generally ceiling first and then walls. However the ceiling can be more difficult for a beginner - so if you're unsure and needing a bit more practice then it will be easier to refine your skills on the walls first, as it really doesn't mater too much.

It is easier to work up against a set corner so if you are doing one wall at a time just make sure it has set before you plaster the adjacent wall, otherwise you risk messing up your nicely troweled plaster. Multi finish only takes 2 hours to set, by which time you will be safe to work up to it. If it is sooner than this, or you are wanting to do two walls at the same time, then do opposite walls.


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