Painting Plaster

by Paul
(East London)

How long should I leave plaster to dry before painting? On both a skimmed wall and a wall taken back to brick.

You will see when the plaster is dry as set plaster is a deep colour. As it dries you will see the colour lighten. When it is this light colour everywhere then you're fine to decorate.

However it is possible to paint when the plaster is still damp - but the correct type of paint is essential. A non-vinyl paint will let the wall breathe and so continue to dry out. There are many breatheable paints on the market in a whole variety of colours.

Generally the big tubs of contract emulsion are cheap, readily available and being non-vinyl do the job. But the only colours tend to be white or magnolia! This paint is also quite thin so ideal as a first coat to ensure it adheres to the porous plaster.

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