Patching up a hole exposing lath

by Hayley
(North East)

Hi, thank you for a great site! I took out a fitted wardrobe and it has resulted in a hole in the plaster, exposing the lath. Its about an inch deep. What is the best way to do this? Would it work to put in some plasterboard, then bonding over that before skimming?


Hi Hayley,
The best way would be to get some scrim tape - it's a fibre glass mesh tape - sold wherever plasterboard /plaster is sold. Then using either a glus such as gripfill or bonding coat on the laths that are there - stick the mesh tape over (at 90 degree angles) - so as to bridge the gap. Then once hardened you can apply a coat of bonding coat - before skimming.
The 'Patching Details' in the step by step guide will help you do this.

Just remember this can't be rushed - a minimum of three procedures will ne needed - with adequate hardening/setting in between times.


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