by Richard

Hi Paul. Im taking on a dining room, with a lot of pipe work in there. How best DL tiu deal with plastering in or around pipework? Is it best to "feather" around the pipes into the existing plaster or attempt to trowel underneath the pipes?

Hi Richard,

That is such a good question! But one that is tricky to answer as it really does depend on the situation. However I do most of the time "feather" the new plaster into the existing as it is not only easier, but often neater as well. If you do feather it in this may help:
1. Take the 1st coat to within 2 or 3 inches of the pipe (ensuring it is as thin as possible at this point).
2. Take the 2nd coat to within 1or 2 inches (again keeping it thin at this point)
3. When you trowel up - the fat (the really fine plaster that collects on your trowel can be used to feather right into pipes.)

Hope this helps


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