Plaster retarder

by Rocco
(Watford , UK)

Is there anything I can use to retard the setting time of plaster. I heard from someone that you can use cream of tartar is this true?

I can kope with small walls but have a larger wall to do and am worried about it setting too fast.

II've not been plastering long so am still developing speed the walls I'm skimming are all plasterboard.

Hopefully this checklist may help increase your speed:

Controlling Suction.
Plasterboard is low suction so will give you nearly maximum time possible. However to slow the suction down further a coat of PVA will help.
Also make sure there is no wind from open doors and windows that will dry the plaster out.

Being prepared
Make sure everything is scrim taped and you have enough water for mixing and a bucket of water to use for cleaning tools and mixing bucket - so that you don't have to disappear to the tap.
Also have a plan of action first.

Sticking to the stages
Make sure you don't spend too much time playing with the plaster and trying to make it too good too soon. Remind yourself of what you're aiming for at each stage -

If all else fails then use the merging technique -

Using these as above should ensure you don't have to worry about a retarder - just work with what you have.

Good luck

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