Learn to plaster a wall

I just want to say that after watching your DVD I had a go at skimming over my
kitchen chimney breast (1930's semi).

I started with the 'easier' sides and must say that the results were

The larger front piece was an exercise in trust, but by following your
guidance, I have produced a very, very good finish.

My neighbour, who's been in the building trade a long time was shocked by the

He did say that is wasn't "Quite a glass finish", but I told him that
decorators prefer an egg-shell finish - That told him!

Hi Paul

I'm John Waudby who went on one of your courses in Aug, my wife maria paid for it.

The plastering has been a great help with the property developing. I probably saved around £1000 to £1200 on the last project by doing it myself, and to be honest I was really pleased with the results.

Please send the 'step by step guide' has mines has suffered with plaster powder covering it!!!.

I have added a few pics of some of the walls I have plastered.
Thanks again and hope you are doing OK.
regards John

Since undertaking the two day course I have gained the confidence to undertake some plastering jobs around the home and at friends houses. This includes a  Ceiling.


Paul is an excellent communicator and whilst the course cannot teach everything in one or two days it does give you the basics upon which you can undertake jobs around the house. And at the same time save you the price of the course many times over by doing it yourself.


I am glad I went and would recommend it to anyone interested. Thanks Paul


Fred Evans

Firstly, I would like to state that I had never attempted any plastering at all before doing the course.

I was always amazed at how someone could turn a bare wall into a smooth flat paintable surface, thinking that they must be naturally gifted to do such a job. Well having just completed the 2 day course, I can honestly say that I cannot see me ever requiring their services again. Paul took me through all the stages at my own pace, and has given me the confidence to tackle almost any job. Also I know that if I did come across any problems, I could contact Paul and it would be solved.

 I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone

I bought your video and guide in March.  I also asked you about plastering ceilings.  Your advice and materials were excellent.  I have now completed several ceilings, walls etc with perfect results.  I have even done some cement plastering in the bathroom (your tip on plasticizer was great).  In the US the plastcizer usually comes in the form of various admixes (usually acrylic) and they are mostly sold as for mortar beds for tile installations and Stucco (our term for render).

If you have any follow up videos or materials please let me know.

Thanks for all of your help

Norm Lafond

Mohamed (2 Day Plastering Course)

Paul does exactly what he says on the website. Learn to plaster from day one. Brilliant!!!

Fantastic teacher. I attended the two day course on the 6/7 June and I have already skimmed two walls with fantastic results, and I am now confident and looking forward to plastering my hall and stairs.

Paul I really can't thank you enough.

Dean, 2 Day Plastering Course

UN-BELIEVABLE! That's how I would describe these two days! You really can't believe the results you see even from day 1 and as for day 2... well... I now feel confident to re-plaster/skim my whole house and know that it will look like the professionals. Paul is a fantastic teacher and a brilliant host. If you have any doubts about plastering or are sceptical about reviews and comments on the web my advice is just do this course. Thanks a million!

I arrived apprehensive, due to the skills needed to plaster. After 2 days I finished with a perfect wall and ceiling, and with the skills necessary to plaster.

16-04-09 Lee & Paul (1 Day Plastering Course)

Very good course. Full of hints and tips which you only learn from a pro and make the job so much easier.

Anyone could do it!!!

Lee Flood

Great course, lots of hands on experience and many tips for when I start at home.

Paul Erskine

Steve Crick (1 Day Plastering Course)

Excellent day, really enjoyable - learnt alot. The first time I have got a wall just how I would like it to be.

Paul Stockton (1 Day Plastering Course)

I arrived at Willow Barn full of anticipation and trepidation but left feeling supremely confident to tackle a demanding plastering project at home.

Paul is a natural teacher with oodles of experience and was able to pass on some invaluable tips and techniques. He went beyond the course content by
helping me with queries I had i.r.o. floor screeds and arches.

The real value of this course is the opportunity to "give it a go" with someone like Paul at your shoulder.

Thanks for the copious amounts of tea, and a great day all in all.

Paul Stockton.

Jas Gill (1 Day Plastering Course)

Paul made it look so simple and it is very easy once you have been taught by a person with Paul's expertise. Now to apply this technique at home and get a perfect finish. Paul has been a great teacher providing ways to solve certain problems. Very worthwile day. Cheers Paul.

Jas Gill

Iftekhan Ahmad (1 Day Plastering Course)

I always thought plastering is the hardest thing in DIY. Now after 1 day plastering course I am more than confident to do the plastering in my house. I have learnt the techniques in one day through lots of fun and lots of important hints and tips. Thanks alot to Paul.

Iftekhan Ahmad

Robert Davies (1 Day Plastering Course)

Excellent instruction and confidence building. Some of the mystery has been dispelled. An extremely worthwhile day.

Paul Dickinson (1 Day Plastering Course)

A really fun day and very informative.

I feel quite confident about going home and having a go!

Len Buxton (1 Day Plastering Course)

All the mystery removed! (well some of it anyway)

Really good instruction and a great sense of achievement at the end.


An excellent day - fun and well worth the money. Highly recommended.

Sharyn Karimjee (1 Day Plastering Course)