Plastering a corner with significantly different levels (internal)

by Matt

Hi all,

I have recently taken an internal door frame out and have put some wooden uprights in its place with a view to tiling the brick wall. On the plaster/hall side I want to plaster level with the wood, but one face of the corner will need to be thick and the other thin.

If anybody has some ideas I would appreciated it as I'm at a loss of how best to do this to get the corner looking right as beads only seem to have the same width each side. I have included a couple of pics.




Hi Matt,

I have to confess, I'm not too sure what you mean - but one face of the corner can be as thin as the bead will allow - whilst the other face can be thicker simply by sticking the bead up with more plaster behind it to set whatever thickness you require.

If you could provide some more info or pics I'll try and help you, in the meantime the following info on angle beads may help:

Angle beads and skim beads can be stuck up to provide varying depths from 2mm to almost 30mm (or more if one is placed on top of another). This variation in depth can exist down the length of the bead, on the same face, or different faces of the corner - so they are very adaptable.

There are a whole range of angle beads: standard angle beads, thin coat beads and stop beads. The stop beads come in varying thicknesses.

Some are shown here:


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