plastering a shed ceiling

by Jo-ann
(Falkirk scotland)

Hi there, I have an outdoor building that i have turned into a home bar,internal roof is insulated and plasterboarded,each time the wind picks up or theres slight movement of the building the joints where ames tape is just cracks its driving me crazy,ive filled it 3 times using all sorts of flexible fillers any suggestions would be smashing thanks


Hi, Whenever I am asked to repair cracks I ask for the history - as if there is still movement, then you are fighting a losing battle with most fillers. The only one I've had success with - where this is continued movement such as yours - is to use Decorators Caulk. This stays flexible and unlike silicone can be troweled and smoothed flat to the edges.

Firstly rake out any existing loose and cracked filler
To Apply: Damp down any existing filler. Squeeze plenty of Caulk in the joints and then with a plastering trowel or filling knife (make sure it is totally clean and smooth) run this over the joint to flatten the caulk. Each time fill any holes with more filler
and smooth out. Keep your trowel or smoothing knife clean by washing any dry caulk off with a wet brush. Use this brush to brush any edges or to flick some water - to help you smooth out the decorators caulk.


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