Plastering around sockets and light switches

by Rhys Evans

Hi Paul,

Great tutorial videos. I've decided to take the plunge and attempt to replaster a bedroom that has been stripped back to brick.

One thing I seem to be finding difficult to get information is setting up guided and ruling off when there are sockets and switched recessed into the brick work, so that they will be flush to the skim coat.

The upstairs is being rewired and I have cables running up the walls from the socket which have conduit covering them.

What his the best way of setting guided to avoid the backing cost being flush with the sockets and switches.

Hi Rhys
The guides need to be thick enough to just cover the highest point of the conduit.

Electricians tend to set the back boxes flush with the conduit to ensure they are not sticking out too far. Then if a thicker amount of plaster is applied it does not matter, as the face plate does not have to touch the box, but will instead be screwed back until it makes contact with your skim coat. So effectively the plaster is sandwiched between the box and face plate. A variety of size bolts can be easily obtained so no matter how deep the back box is there will be a bolt that will reach it.

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