Plastering plasterboard

I'd be grateful if you could answer me a couple of questions:
I've put all my angle beads on to plasterboard using a bit of dot and dab adhesive. When I skim the wall, do I need to wet the areas I've dotted with water or diluted unibond? Or will they be all right to skim over dry?

Also, I've had conflicting advice: some say you should use diluted unibond over plasterboard, other's say not. What do you advise?

From watching you video, you use very little water when flattening off after your second coat: Is it best then to use less water rather than sprinkle water over the area that you're working on?


If the adhesive has dried out then it is best to wet the areas with water.

No need to PVA as the plasterboard is designed to accept plaster without the need for unibond.

It is always good to try first without using water, as if you do not need it - the top surface will become excessively wet, resulting in a watery slurry that will be no good for filling holes. It is better to use firm pressure on your trowel instead.
If when you are trowelling, the plaster has firmed up, become dry and less workable then it is good to use water. So if you need it - then use it, but if you don't, then don't!

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