Problem Plastering Ceilings


I can't seem to get the same finish as I do when plastering a ceiling. Walls are absolutely fine. No problem. However when I plaster a ceiling it's not 100% flat. Shallows seem to appear which I can't detect when towelling up but when painted show up in all their glory. Especially when light is cast. I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I used to plaster ceilings with no problems.
I don't think it's to much plaster. I don't think it's my trowel angle. Any ideas as to what could cause this issue?



It is possible that your trowel angle may be steeper - causing undulations. The flatter the trowel to the surface, the flatter the surface will be. Therefore firstly it may be worth checking the angle of your trowel.

You could also try switching direction every now and again, one trowel up stage could be in a sideways direction and the next could be in an up and down direction.

Another possibility could be problems with reach - if you are over stretching it will be hard to get firm pressure to really push the plaster flat - so ensure you're comfortable on scaffold or stilts.

Light Source
There is also the possibility that it is the way the light is hitting the surface - this can be very unforgiving particularly near large windows or doors, highlighting every hollow. Plasterer's often trowel up and spend longer wherever the light source is for this very reason.


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