Restoring an old backing coat

I removed tiles from a bathroom and much of the skim plaster came away with the tiles. I then removed the entire skim coat. The exposed backing coat is very uneven. Some areas show the bricks.
I am going to use a bonding coat to flatten the backing plaster. After filling the pot holes and covering the bricks, I will have to put a thin bonding coat on top of the old bonding coat.

Should the thin bonding coat have a consistency similar to the skim coat as you described in your video? (small peaks in the bucket).

I assume the deeper repairs will require a thicker consistency.
Thank you

Yes exactly as you say.

Do be careful though that you prepare the surface - as old Bonding Coat can be very porous so you may need to control the suction by damping the wall down with plenty of water or using PVA


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