Rough Patches in Skim

by John

rough patches in finish

rough patches in finish

Hi Paul
I will be plastering my last wall in hall stairs
and landing, I keep getting these rough patches in places but I don't recognise them when plastering but do when its dry and shine light on it from the side!


Hi John,

They are easily cured by being more thorough!

When your trowelling up on stage 4 push harder and the plaster will be
pushed into these hollow areas. If you've been over a few times and with
increasing pressure they're not filling in - then get some more plaster
on your trowel and fill them in. Sometimes it can be best to apply a load of plaster
and flatten the excess in with your trowel.

As you say though it can look fine when you're doing it - it is for this
reason light is essential when plastering - overall general lighting can
work better than spotlights.

Essentially they are just hollow areas that you need to fill in the
earlier stages that you'l see more easily if the lighting levels are


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