Sand and cement on plasterboard

by Ian

Hi paul hope you well recieved your dvd and very pleased,will tackle skimming spare room soon! Quick question does sand and cement stick to plasterboard?

Hi Ian,

Sand & Cement will not stick to plasterboard - however if the plasterboard is properly prepared it will do.

This may not be officially guaranteed but this is what I have done in the past:
Apply a 50:50 solution of PVA to plasterboard
Mix some sand in with neat PVA to form a slurry mix and roller this onto the plasterboard.

This dries to form a very rough surface to which sand & cement will stick to.

However it should be noted that plasterboard is designed to have the finish coat applied directly to it. If it needs levelling then boding coat will stick to plasterboard no problem.

But if it is to practice or for any other reason then one or two coats of the slurry mix will help you apply sand & cement.

Let me know how you get on!


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May 18, 2015
Cheat with a paint brush!
by: Paul

Hi Ian,

Small gaps can be tricky - yes you're right you do need a small trowel. If you cannot get a small trowel midget trowel in then you can use a gauging towel (rounded end on a pointing trowel) or a small tool (often in the decorators tools). Apply the plaster in whatever way is easiest and be prepared that it may look rough for a while (a lot rougher than the rest of the wall), but as it firms up you will be able to do more with it and gradually flatten and smooth it out.

Cheat with a brush!
On real small areas let the plaster firm up quite a bit and on stage 4 instead of troweling up with your trowel - even out with a paint brush.
Let it firm up and the brush marks can be flattened off - but it may need to be quite firm.

No problem to email


May 16, 2015
spare room project
by: Ian

Hi Paul thanks for quick response you have answered my question very well, I bought your dvd which is very good also purchased online videos last night which is bit better quality.
sorry another question how would you plaster in between small gaps like between two door frames etc, would you need small trowel and apply plaster up as apposed to sideways or am I just over thinking!
could I email you directly instead of this page or not? will let you no how I get on with the room with pictures before and after!
many thanks.

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