skim coat

Hi Paul, thanks for the great videos they have been very helpful. However I have done a backing coat not very well and it's a little bit bumpy so was wondering if it's okay to do a skim coat of say 4mm to flatten it a bit and join up with the original wall. Thanks, Pete

Hi Pete
At only 4mm most experienced plasterer's would have a go at levelling it as they skim, but this can be tricky. As a beginner you want to make everything as easy as you can - so the safest option would be for you to level out first, but if you're feeling brave 4mm is something that you may well cope with okay.

If you take the safe option - it can be carried out by:
1. controlling the suction by soaking the wall as necessary
2. applying either Bonding Coat or a finish plaster to the low areas and rule flat with a straight edge.
3. If using bonding coat - flatten as it firms up and skim as normal when set - or if using finish plaster - flatten off as it firms up a little and proceed with the skimming process as normal.

Good luck


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