Skim or backing coat and skim?

by Will

Hi Paul,

Many thanks for your answer to my question on coving and skimming down to the skirting. Just another question regarding the state of the walls - I've started removing some lining paper to check the plaster underneath (I knew it was in a state as the paper looked awful). The plaster isn't as bad as I had feared and hollow sounding parts seem sound when pressed. I was planning on sealing the walls with Febond blue grit and then skimming. From the condition of the wall on the picture, do you think this would work or would it need a backing coat? In which case, I would have to take off the nice old skirting. Although obviously pretty ropey, the walls are straight.

Thanks again,



Hi Will, From what I can see, a backing coat is not needed and you'll be fine to just skim as you describe. However the backing coat probably does need a bit of attention in order to make the skimming process a bit easier.
Once you have applied the bonding agent then it would be worth you filling out any deeper areas either with bonding coat or multi-finish by pushing some into all holes and hollows and flattening off to the surrounding existing plaster edge. Then your 1st coat will be a more uniform thickness. Let these areas firm up a bit before applying the 1st coat. If you intend to do this another day these areas become dry - they may need damping down or sealing before applying the 1st coat.


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