skim over bottle coving

by Mark

Hi Paul, I'm about to takle the living room and thanks to your site I'm now pretty confident at skimming walls, but this particular room has coving between the walls and ceiling - Trying to describe it: its a smooth curve (fillet) of plaster that links wall to ceiling using what I believe is called a bottle cove - 1930's house. Thinking about how I might skim over this is perplexing me a bit - especially as there are various mitre angles as it wraps around the chimney breast etc... any advice greatfully received.

Hi Mark,
Apologies but this is a subject that I feel I cannot help you with here, as it is pretty advanced stuff and I really wouldn't even attempt to teach anyone how to do this via email.
One solution could be to just skim up to the picture rail and try and fill/patch up any areas above this. Indeed this is what I would also consider as a few hours with a bit of filler can work wonders!
Good Luck

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