Skimming a chimmney breast

by dave sowden
(rushton spencer)

hi the chimney had already been rough coated some years ago we wanted to wallpaper so i decided to pva then skim it my self-problem as I was putting on the plaster it became evident the corners weren't straight How can I get the corners straight without beading.

If there is a specific reason that you don't want beading then it is a tricky job - there's no magic just quite time consuming.

Option 1 - freehand
It is best to do all faces at the same time and working away from the corners every now and again as you fold plaster around and into the edge. But it's not an easy job for anyone let alone a beginner.

option 2 - a straight edge
Get someone to hold or gently tack a batten on the side faces to protrude 1-2mm and this will give you an edge to skim up to. remove very carefully and repeat for sides if necessary.

Option 3 beading
Stick a 'skim bead' (also known as thin coat bead) to the existing corner and skim

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