Skimming a corner ...

by Craig

Hi Paul,
After watching lots of your clips decided to give it a go. Tuned into a bit of a mare as its an old house (lots of the original skim and backing plaster came away, and turned into a mission).

Anyways, days later I got to plaster round an external corner, I got the metal skimming strip and nailed it on, plastered one side, all is good, how on earth do you plaster an nice tidy corner, fix, one side, the other goes wrong, in the end I left one side sticking out and sanded it down days later when it was dry.

Do you have a clip of pastering corners, I have a just moved into a 100 year old house, no doubt hiding many woe's behind the woodchip, if you were not so far aware id sign up for a course....



Hi Craig

You can always stick the bead on with small blobs of finish plaster - just make sure it is tight to the wall.

Try plastering one wall and then when this has set if you spill any plaster on it then scrape off cleanly using the blade of your trowel and firm pressure.

If plastering both walls at the same time trim off any excess off the other wall using the edge of your trowel on the bead by having it in contact with the bead but hovering just off the wet plaster to. This will remove the bulk of un-wanted plaster, any remaining amount should be flattened of using your trowel as normal. run your trowel As you go through the stages less and less should be spilt on to the other wall.


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