Skimming Old Plasterboard

Hi have removed wallpaper from plasterboard, there
> is a lot of damage to the paper coating of the drywall and it keeps
> picking up when trying to plaster causing grooves, sanding is not
> working either as it is just tearing the paper in other areas, what
> would be the best way to treat the drywall before starting to plaster,
> have done 1 section but the bits of paper get caught in the mix and it
> is turning out to be a nightmare

What I have done in the past did work well:

Scrape your trowel over the wall in a kind of cutting motion rather than just scraping - get the correct angle and the sharpness of your trowel will cut the bits off.
Then PVA the wall and as it dries run a flattish trowel over (same angle as when plastering) to push any loose bits back.
Then apply 1st coat and as it firms up stage 2 is crucial to again push any bits back.
Apply 2nd coat only when the 1st coat has firmed up like putty - firm enough to hold the bits of paper in place.

Then all should work well.

Good luck

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