Skimming strip at side of door.

Hi Great videos for learning. I am struggling with skimming a strip (about 1.5 times width of trowel) down side of door. Difficult to get at and can’t seem to get it to even out. Any tips? Thanking you.

Even though it's a small area - you'll more than likely spend about 4 times as long on it!
The best tip is to leave it looking rougher - with more trowel marks in than normal - but don't worry they will come out in the later stages.
You can't rush it - if the suction is not there and it is not drying quick - you'll be reliant upon the setting plaster to move you through the stages and so it could easily be 90 minutes later that trowel marks come out!
Keep trying to make it flat and smooth, but if you're ever going round in circles - solving one problem and creating another - it's more than likely not firmed up enough.


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