Skimming up a staircase, under dado rail

by Mike

Hi Paul,

I have been making solid progress with my skimming thanks to your video and guidebook.However I am a bit unsure about how to adapt your grid method of applying the finish plaster up a staircase under a dado rail. Its quite a narrow strip,(1ft 8in high by 11ft long) compared to a wall.Your thoughts appreciated.





Hi Mike

You could still run the top border along, up to the dado rail, treating this as your ceiling, then run very short vertical strips with your trowel starting from the staircase (at whatever angle this maybe).

But essentially the main objective is to initially keep it flat, which can be achieved by using your trowel in the other direction to flatten off what you have just applied. So if you applied the top border sideways (horizontal, side to side) then flatten by turning your trowel through 90 degrees to come from the dado downwards (vertical, up and down). Then it is generally easier to apply vertical strips starting from the bottom (as the plaster can have a tendency to slide off and go all over the staircase if your trowel is on its side). Then you can go side to side with your trowel to flatten.

That said though - put it on however feels comfortable for you as long as you keep it flat and don't leave any bulges. A right handed person would start left moving through to the right - the reverse for left handed.

Hope I haven't confused you more!


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