Small dips here and there

Hi there, im able to achieve a quite polished finish but I keep getting shallow dips, most are smallish. I just wondered am I doing something wrong. They are showing up as lighter patches, see PIC.

I've put 2 coats over old artexed wall. Pva'd twice before hand.


I think that these hollow areas/dips are as a result of Stage 4 not being carried out thoroughly enough.
When carrying out stage 4 - try pushing as firmly as you can - if the correct angle of your trowel is maintained (Leading edge 10-15mm away from wall) the highs will be pushed into the lows. If you have passed over each area 3 or 4 times and it is not filling in then apply more plaster to the hollows and trowel flat.

Let me know if this improves things.

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