sraight lines

by andy

how is the best way to get perfect straight lines on inner corners and straight lines from ceilings to wall?

Use a straight edge to check and fill as necessary with float.

Don't to two wall next to each other at the same time - do one and then let it set so that you are working to a set corner.
Make sure you keep this coat flat when you are applying it by not overloading your trowel and ensuring you keep the corner of your trowel right into the corner to ensure there are no bulges. Use your trowel in both directions to ensure flatness and never let it bulge. Then when you are trowelling trim any excess plaster off the wall you are running up against and with a paint brush - brush the corner when it is firm enough so that you can form the corner by angling the brush at the set wall (the bristles will then just lightly move the plaster around in the corner to give a nice straight line). You will need to do this at different stages right up until the plaster is nearly set.


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