Streak marks in plaster

Hi Paul
Getting some streak marks when troweling up is the plaster too wet at this part or to dry maybe?



It looks like it could be due to a lack of pressure, as the trowel is only making contact with the highs. Where it makes contact it changes colour so the colour shading is showing where the hollows are.

How to rectify
When the plaster is still pliable it is important to push firmly, and if the trowel is at the correct angle (leading edge approx 10 - 20mm away from surface) the highs will be pushed into the lows. But you do have to push hard. If plaster collects on your trowel then it is scraping it off the highs but not flat enough to push it into the lows, so just flatten your trowel into the wall and all should be good. The firmer the plaster is the harder you'll have to push.

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Oct 31, 2016
too early...and dirty trowel
by: garytheplasterer

If you trowel up too early, you are in fact pushing the plaster about. also make sure your trowel is clean. trowelling too early basically pulls plaster back off

May 23, 2016
Great advice, great site
by: Andrew

This is a great site with some really valuable advice, I'm a particular fan of the fact you're dedicated to replying to everyone willing to give plastering a go - it's not easy, after all.

However, it's worth remembering that, if it's a big project especially, it can be a lot more economic to hire a professional.

We're ( currently looking to partner with a skilled plasterer looking to work in the Peterborough area - please get in touch if you think you fit the job.

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