by Josh
(Woking UK)

Skimmed my first plaster board wall using the guide outlined on this page.

Turned out quite well. 2mm multi finish coat then 1mm multifinish.

When Im smoothing out the at the end just getting it neat should i be pushing hard with the trowel or just skimming it over?

I have had a few instances the final pass the plaster sort of cracks a way a little forming small cracks/wrinkles. Have I overworked the plaster? I spray the area and seem to be able to work out the mistake but not sure if this is the correct approach.



Hi Josh,
It is always good to push firmly and as the plaster firms up - the harder you'll need to be pushing.

The plaster may be tearing because it is too dry - in which case- spraying water on is a good idea, or it can be due to very high suction from behind. In which case control the suction with a coat of pva first.

Or it may be due to the 1st coat becoming too dry, in which case you need to go a bit quicker and apply the 2nd coat when 1st is firm, but moist. Or somehow reduce drying time - stopping sun or a breeze drying it out.


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