Temperature & Humidity Considerations

by Tony C

Paul. Will soon be skimming the walls in a house that we are renovating. It is currently a shell with no heating (other than a portable electric fire we are using).

Is there a min temperature below which it would be unwise to start plastering and would I be right in assuming the cure time will be much longer in these conditions?


Hi Tony
Always make sure the temperature stays above freezing during the first part of the setting process. Once the set has commenced there will be heat as a result and so this should keep it going unless the temperature really drops at night. If you're at freezing point inside - then don't attempt it.
If you start plastering when just above freezing keep the portable heater on as long as you can and this should keep the temperature above freezing in the night. Plasters that set within a couple of hours will be safer as they need to remain above freezing for the duration of the set. Sand/cement takes 12- 24 hours for the initial set to be achieved and so requires this period to be above freezing. As you say colder temperatures will slow the setting process down.


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