Too Hot

by Phillip

Skimming new wall and the plaster is going off too quick, the first wall was very small and was lovely, but the second wall i could not keep up!
Also I am having problems with the edges of walls, I seem to apply plaster but form a dip about 11/2" away leaving a trough, I cant seem to apply with out pulling off some plaster i just applied?


Control the suction by damping the wall down - until the wall will absorb no more water and it starts to run down the wall. Or the wall can be sealed with PVA. The first coat can be reasonable thin (milky) with subsequent coats a bit thicker if needed. If the PVA dries before 15 minutes then apply another coat. This should control the suction.

Temperature will affect the setting time of plaster - but this can be helped by:

Ensuring everything is prepared so that as soon as you've mixed the plaster - you're able to apply it immediately.

Ensure you use cold water straight out the tap.

Making the mix slightly wetter.

Preventing as much movement of air as possible - as this can act like a hair dryer.

Ensuring your technique is effective and that you are not spending too long playing about with the plaster. Effective Plastering Technique Details Here

The problem you're describing with the edges seem to be like a trowel angle problem. Optimum Trowel Angle Details Here
In the edges of the wall the plaster should be flattened in the opposite direction to which it was applied. For example if you used a vertical stroke to apply, then use a sideways stroke to flatten (for edges only) whilst ensuring you have the correct angle of your trowel.


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