Uneven finish ....sand it maybe?

Hi Paul,
Just skimmed over some old rough looking plaster, although it was Fairly stable/flat and not all falling off.
I'm not happy with my finish because its not perfectly flat and has some high/low spots etc and I know once painted its not going to looked terrible good. Would I be better off sanding the whole wall to get a nice flat finish or attempt a very thing coat over the top to get rid of imperfections, also how thin can skim be before it causes a problem?

All the best, Ed

Hi Ed,

Sanding the whole wall sounds like a lot of work and you're still not guaranteed to have a finish that is good, however without seeing, it is tricky to advise. Maybe have a go at re-skimming - it can be as thin as the particles in the plaster which is quite thin. You can pva and then have another go. Watch your trowel angle, if it is steep (the leading edge more than 15mm away from the wall) then you risk following undulations. So push hard on a flatter trowel and you'll push the highs into the lows and should end up with a flatter surface.

Good luck

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