Using water for trowelling

Hello Paul

Just wondering how much water is OK to splash on the wall at stage 5 in the skimming process. I'm skimming on plasterboard and have completed three small walls with better results each time. I seem to feel the need to splash lots of water on the wall with it literally running all down the wall and soaking the floor but it feels nice going over it with the trowel like polishing a car! Without the water it feels like the trowel is dragging and causing scrape marks.

Thank you for your help and for the great site!



Hi Damien

It does sound as if you may be using a bit too much water, but then again if the results are good carry on!

Sometimes water is needed, but if too much is used the top surface is turned into a watery slurry and is no good for filling any hollows.

However the trowel should not be scraping so it may be that the water is needed, but just check yout trowel is clean and smooth, if Stainless steel just make sure its clean. If it's not stainless just make sure there are no rust spots - if so a bit of sandpaper will smooth off.


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