Very old house !

Im applying a finishing coat but because it’s different thicknesses it’s drying at different times and it’s making smoothing out very difficult. Some areas are drier than others, as in Im leaving trowel lines in some area. ?? Any advice is welcome !!

You have there perfectly described the reason for a backing coat.

So it sounds like you need to flatten the wall with the thinnest of backing coats - so that your finish coat can be applied at the same thickness.


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Mar 03, 2024
Proper advice
by: Anonymous

This is wrong.
Inconsistent backing is normal. This is why we mix to the correct thickness on multifinish and most importantly SECOND COAT
in the old days we would back coat. However back coating took time to dry and we couldn't then finish the job quick.
If you are getting Trowell marks it is because your plaster is to thin and you are missing timing points.
I would love to 👍 the advice.
But it is entirely incorrect.
Focus on thickness, and timings.
I hope this helps.

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