by Tony
(Barrow in Furness)


I believe the rule of thumb is that a bag of skim will cover about 11m2 @ 3mm thickness.

Is there a equal rule of thumb for say what coverage could be gotten from say, 1/2 bucket of water?

I have a job to do which is no more that 4m2, but haven't a clue how much water should I start with allowing for 20% margin.

Any advice welcome.



Hi Tony,
One bag of Multi-finish will give 2 full standard builders buckets of plaster.
As a general guide I visualise half a bag (1 bucket) to do a standard wall approximately 3m long. Sometimes it may not be quite accurate (if there's a door in it or it goes on slightly thinner due to a good base coat) but it is a good guide.
Also as a very general guide if you want a full bucket of plaster then you need to have half a bucket full of water.

Your wall that is 4m2 will take very roughly a third of a bag or so. This means you will need 2 thirds of a bucket in total. But to further complicate the issue sometimes it is best to mix up the second coat just when you are ready for ready it otherwise when the time comes it may be too thick too use. So just mix up enough for the 1st coat initially. This 1st coat will be at least twice as thick as the 2nd coat so you'll need something like half a bucket for the 1st coat and about 1 sixth of a bucket for the second coat.

But it is one of those things that you gradually just get use to!


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