wavy backing coat

by Ed

I unfortunately applied browning to a wall before I received your easy to follow video. The problem is that the browning is not totally flat but wavy, this is due to not using a straight edge. What would be the best way to rectify this before putting skim coat on?


Hi Ed,

Apply a coat of PVA (slightly watered down) and apply a very thin layer of Browning to the hollow areas which you can then flatten with a straight edge. If when you start this the plaster starts to dry and firm up too quickly then applying another coat of PVA will slow the suction down.

Best to work on one area at a time - you can fill a bit and rule it off before moving to another section. The priority is to ensure all the corners look nice and straight - this will set the whole wall off.

The straight edge will do 80% of the work. The remaining 20% will happen when the plaster begins to firm up a bit (anywhere between 5 mins and an hour depending upon the suction of your wall) - run a flat trowel or float over to flatten right into the corners and any other areas - particulary where you blend in.

If the undulations are minimal then you may be better to use finish plaster which is finer.

If you do use finish plaster then before you skim it would be best to apply a coat of PVA.

Good luck
(let me kmow how it goes)


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