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The right technique
In seven years of plastering tuition no one has ever left without plastering to a good standard. Maybe not everyone can cope with a large wall, but if you can successfully plaster a small area, then the technique works. It is then like anything, a case of practice, to increase the area you can plaster a bit at a time.

Course Objective
Therefore the aim of the course is to firstly ensure you master the correct technique and then understand how, you can practice at home but still gain good results.

How you practice achieve good results
Even if you can only plaster small walls there is a method whereby larger walls can be carried out successfully. This just requires some pre - planning and preparation which will be taught on the course.

Participants comments

Is it really possible to learn to plaster in a day?

The answer really has to be yes. But don't take my word for it - just read some of the comments received . The course will equip you with the basic techniques needed to obtain a good finish. That is not to say you can be taught how to become a plasterer in just 1 day - but you can learn to plaster to a good standard.

Plastering on your own
As well as ensuring you learn the basic techniques, it is also important to gain an understanding of how to approach different walls and the be aware of the complications that can arise. Therefore advice can be given regarding any plastering projects you may be undertaking at home.

1:1 Tuition
All plastering courses are 100% practical and no previous knowledge or experience are required. 1:1 tuition ensures you can learn at your own pace and concentrate on what you need to.

Learn how to plaster