How to Plaster Video

Short - How to plaster video.

Learn how to skim - the basic diy skills needed for skimming a wall. 2 coats of finish plaster are applied and 'trowelled' to give a flat, smooth finish. This finish coat is just one aspect of plastering - if the plaster backing coat is flat, the finish coat of skim is fairly straightforward. This video is a very quick guide to the art of plastering.

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This is a very quick explanation of skimming.

Full How to Plaster Video

The full 'How to Plaster Video' detailing all aspects of plastering is available to all members at the Online Plastering School


General Plastering Knowledge

Backing Coat




  • What to do if it doesn't go right the first time!
  • The 10 Golden Rules for successful plastering.

How to Plaster Video

how to plaster

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how to plaster a ceiling

How to Plaster a Ceiling